Holistic Care

Holistic Care

Holistic care defines itself by its own nature. It is the process of self-evaluation that begins with the patient wanting to take responsibility for his or her own well being. This type of care is not reduction-istic in nature. It does not break a person down into different pieces of dysfunction and try to fix the pieces one at a time. Instead, holistic caregivers strive to take into account the whole person on all levels simultaneously, by looking at the structural, emotional, nutritional, spiritual, and physical components of dis-ease. Then, after doing so, they look for general patterns, that when corrected, will help resolve all levels of symptomology, regardless of which origin they may arise from. This process also takes into consideration the natural process of healing, and the understanding that each person is an individual, and will, therefore, have a schedule of healing all their own. No two people are the same.

At Optimal Wellness Center we strive to be aware of this process from the beginning. We address the individual and the natural process of healing in the way we design our space, by how we greet our patients, by providing only the highest level of staff, doctors and therapists, and by offering the best nutritional products available, etc. Most importantly, we support this process by maintaining a constant, loving, caring environment in which people can feel safe and comfortable while utilizing all our services. Holistic care is not any one thing; it is the process of self healing that one does for oneself because one feels it is important to be all they can be in their life.

Service & Price List

Holistic Care at Optimal Wellness Center

We make it easy to enjoy and reap the benefits of holistic care by providing packages for several of our popular services. Our Product & Price list outlines special pricing for packages of our Interchangeable Services: Steam Room, Far Infrared Sauna and Footbath Detox. We also offer special price packages for our Flotation Tank and Yoga Classes. Click on the link to the right for details on package pricing. Plan a holistic get-away day for yourself, complete with one of our services and a special raw food treat after! (Read our menu here)

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