Below are what some of our clients have said about OWC.

About 9 years ago a number of factors brought me to the door of Optimal Wellness.  I can honestly say that the journey to lasting health began there.  Healing and health occurred  on many levels including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Initially, I thought I was going strictly for chiropractic adjustments.  After meeting and sharing this journey with Dr. Keith Jordan, I began to see that his view and concept of healing, health and wellness was more expansive and definitely went beyond physical, skeletal manipulation.

I moved from Cleveland 7 years ago. Leaving Optimal Wellness and Dr. Jordan was one of the most difficult factors in relocating. That was until I learned that I could continue having appointments and consultations with Dr. Jordan long distance.  What a blessing this has been.  I have not been seen face to face for many years, yet, I continue to have wonderful and effective healing sessions remotely by phone. Each session brings deep insight and continued freedom from the limitations brought to my attention and awareness by Dr. Keith’s intuitive knowing.

To anyone who believes that the only avenue of healing is by traditional chiropractic adjustment, I highly encourage you to be open to the guidance and gentle counsel available through Dr. Keith’s alternative healing practices.

I remain grateful for the opportunity that remains accessible to me remotely.  It continues to support the concept that love and light is always here, always now, and as close as mere intentional, conscious, loving, thoughtful connection.

With love and gratitude,

Sara Wasserman

Sedona, Arizona  


"I brought my son Danny (autistic, now age 10) to see Dr. Jordan when he was 4 years old. After just one visit, people noticed he made better eye contact! Over the years, Danny has continued to progress. Dr. Jordan's regimen of nutritional supplements and the actual process of reflexology has brought Danny from an unresponsive, withdrawn mystery to a happy little boy that now enjoys life. The encouragement and support that he gave me through the process spurred me to press on in the face of difficulty. The staff is so caring. Danny truly feels when he has an appointment he is "home.” Thanks to everyone at Optimal Health for their wonderful care of my son!"        — Carol

"He changed my life! The first time I met Dr. Jordan I knew he had a gift. The extra bonus is that he genuinely cares about people and works in his special way to remove the layers of 'junk' blocking our earthly progression. He has opened up a wonderful new way of living for me and I am sure I'll never be the same."       — Susan