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Bobbi Smedley, BCPP, BCHHP, is always learning new modalities that she has available to assist her clients reach their health goals. Each session becomes a unique experience to your individual needs.

Bobbi's love for the movement of the body led her from professional dancing, exercise training, Tai Chi and Stotts Pilates instructing, to an alternative and holistic career.

A breast cancer survivor since 2007, Bobbi started her private practice in 1987 and joined the OWC family in 2009.  She is a graduate of Ohio College of Masotherapy (1987), Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, Holistic Health Professional, and a Certified Elemental Reflexologist.

Since July 2017, she has been working with a non-profit organization that provides holistic and restorative services for minor and adult human trafficking and sexual assault victims.  Bobbi helps them understand that touching can be a safe and positive act that they have full control over.

Let Bobbi take you to a higher level through: