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Carla Gilenko is a Professional Clinical Counselor, independently licensed by the State of Ohio, who has worked with people from all walks of life.

She earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology in 1991 from John Carroll University, and her graduate degree in Community Agency Counseling in 2005 from Cleveland State University. Carla became licensed immediately after and earned her independent license in 2008. 

Carla’s career path has been informed by her own life’s purpose and healing journey. Her journey began 30 years ago as a teenager and is on-going. Along the way she has incorporated healing wisdom from Native American teachers, Reiki Masters, Shamanic practitioners, peers and colleagues in her profession, various practitioners here at the Optimal Wellness Center, and her own internal wisdom. In keeping with her life’s purpose, to open doors of awareness for herself and others in order to facilitate her own and others’ spiritual growth, Carla continues to seek opportunities for healing and growth and continues to educate herself in her chosen profession so that she may bring the very best of herself to her clients. 

Carla believes that the answers we seek lie within us, and that one of her roles as a counselor is to help others step into the role of self-healer so that they may uncover what answer is best for them. She is adept at creating a safe container within which her clients can share what is on their hearts and do the work of healing.

Carla utilizes best ethical practices along with the healing wisdom she has internalized on her journey. As a student of The Practice, Carla hopes to not only help others remove the blocks that get in the way of achieving peace, love and unconditional acceptance in their lives, but to also awaken their innate ability to heal themselves. 

Anyone can benefit from counseling. What do you want to address?

  • Personal growth

  • Spiritual enrichment

  • Substance abuse/addiction

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Codependency

  • Unfulfilling or problematic relationships

  • Life transitions

  • Chronic illness/pain

  • Grief

If you feel you are ready to restore balance and healing to your life, please call 216-521-2225 to schedule an appointment.

New client visit is $110  for 90 minutes.  Each subsequent session is $70 for one hour.