Dr. Michael Izquierdo

Dr. Mike is specialized in a unique form of functional neurology. He is also nationally board certified as a clinical nutritionist through the American Clinical Board of Nutrition. 

The essence of healing is not relieving pain. Pain is your nervous system’s signal that something your body is doing, is not lined up with your optimal structural, and metabolic design. With over twelve years of experience in the functional neurological approach to healing, called Applied Kinesiology (AK), Dr. Mike has received training from multiple leaders in his field. This includes two years of personal training with one of its founding members.  

The beauty of AK approach is that it combines multiple successful healing specialties under one banner. Each patient is assessed, diagnosed and treated utilizing multiple modalities, all customized according to what your individual nervous system deems most appropriate and necessary for that point in time. 

Think of it this way. Your nervous system controls and coordinates everything you do in your body from walking to digesting food to even thinking. Utilizing the functional neurological approach of AK, Dr. Mike makes only those specific corrections your nervous system needs. Once the correction is made, your body is re-assessed to confirm or deny whether the treatment was beneficial. 

Compared to the current state of chiropractic, this approach is superior. Traditionally, once the “pop,” of the chiropractic adjustment is heard and felt, patients and doctors assume correction is made. Ask yourself this. How do you really know? 

Through AK, every treatment is customized, precisely done, and verified through a direct functional change within your nervous system. As part of every appointment, Dr. Mike assesses and determine which food or nutritive supplements your body lacks. Making the appropriate changes allows your nervous system the best chance to heal itself in the most optimal way possible.

Dr. Mike works with all ages, from babies all the way to professional football players. Dr. Mike utilizes an integrative and personal approach. Like the saying “you can’t step in the same river twice,” your body is always changing. Your nervous system constantly works to keep the best dynamic balance possible. Medicine calls this homeostasis. The better balance your nervous system maintains, the healthier you are. 

Your health and welfare are important. Working with Dr. Mike allows you to consistently gain a real time assessment into how well your nervous system both balances and runs your body. Take the guesswork out. Allow the natural healing intelligence within your nervous system tell you what it needs. That way you give yourself the best chance of becoming the best YOU possible.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you would certainly benefit from seeing Dr. Mike: 

  • Are you frustrated with the care you received from other healthcare providers? 
  • After treatments, do you feel only short term relief, then your pain comes right back?
  • Do you routinely wake up in the middle of the night, and never feel completely rested?
  • Does the term “wired & tired” resonate with you?
  • Have you lost your sexual drive or general zest for life?
  • Women, are your monthly cycles out of control?
  • Are you tired of being tired?

Those who answered yes to any of the above would benefit from Dr. Mike’s guidance and support.

To schedule an appointment please call 216-521-2225