Each private session with Dr. Sam is curated with the intention of facilitating optimal levels of expression through your being on a biochemical, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. 

She believes that our bodies fundamentally operate in accordance to our core values, truths, and beliefs, both known and unknown. As the observer of your own health journey, she acknowledges congruency, or lack thereof.

Life is about adaptation and integration, which starts in the bodies nervous system. If the nervous system is compromised, disease, or lack of life force, is present. She is both a facilitator and a doctor of multiple languages of healing and would love to serve you as your guide to expressing optimal health.

Dr. Sam has a strong passion for female hormonal health, including menstrual and menopausal health, along with function and fertility. She is highly sought after, not only for her expert knowledge but her compassion and understanding in supporting digestive, thyroid and adrenal fatigue. Dr. Sam’s drive and purpose is to be a listening ear and hand to guide, to help people overcome the chronic illnesses that are holding them back from living their healthiest life, and to watch her patients thrive in every way possible.

Guiding her patients in maintaining a healthy weight is another one of Dr. Sam’s passions. She believes that the key is igniting the healing from the inside out, and there is no reason we cannot look as good as we feel. She understands that each weight loss protocol should be as unique as the person trying to lose weight. Her experience as a trainer for 5+ years and extensive knowledge on human physiology and nutrition can help serve your form on a profound level.

Degrees, Licenses and Certifications:

  • Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia

  • Bachelor of Health Information and Management from The Ohio State University

  • Level I and II Usui and Tibetan Reiki

  • Nutrition Counselor

  • Pilates and Personal Training

No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature.
— Deepak Chopra