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Ginny Nadler is a Structural Alignment Specialist, the Developer of the modality Structural ReAlignment Integration® and the author of Spiritual Anatomy, Realigning Body and Soul.

My journey into the source of pain and discomfort in the body began at a very young age brought up in a family where tension and anxiety was the norm and physical stories emerged with feelings hidden layers deep. Determined to understand the lineage of family and cultural trauma and how such stories are embedded in cellular structure informing our physical design became a passion and my own healing journey.

Graduate studies in the fields of cultural, physical and medical anthropology, embryology and holistic health, an advanced teaching certificate from the BKS Iyengar School of Yoga, a Wellness Educator and Holistic Nutritionist, Co-Creator with Yale University of the first Holistic Health Center on the East Coast and in recent years a student of transparent communication, reading the messages of trauma in the central nervous system has informed my current practice with clients. 

Teaching thousands of students over 40 years has led to the development of the specific body alignment modality I now teach to individuals and movement modality educators, Structural ReAlignment Integration®, which brings the focus of misalignment into the pelvic floor where embryologically and spiritually we source our beginning in physical form. 

Sessions are for two hours; a series of 6-12 sessions is recommended to allow the nervous system and neurology the space to integrate new movement patterns.


  • An Introductory Two Hour Session is $295 (if you sign up for a series this fee is adjusted)
  • A Series of Six Sessions is $275 each
  • A Series of Twelve Sessions is $250 each 

It is preferable to schedule a session a week and, of course, if you or I miss one due to travel, etc., we just continue.

Investigation and Questions to Ponder:

  • Have you been in pain and/or discomfort in your structure for some time?
  • Do you have low back and perhaps pelvic floor pain?
  • Is incontinence a concern?
  • Do you experience stress in your low back, hips, knees, spine and elsewhere?
  • Have you “worked out” for years, practiced yoga, a sport etc. and have consistently felt more and more raveled, stiff, and “stuck” in your structure? 
  • Have you lost balance?
  • Have you had injuries related to your exercise regime?
  • Are you concerned that you do not have the flexibility you once had or would hope to have as you live in your structure and move through your life journey? 
  • Do you feel less energetic as you have to manage your physical story? 
  • Do you have areas that are numb and you cannot access physically and emotionally?
  • Are you afraid that you will have to live with this current story of discomfort/pain indefinitely?
  • Is your physical story affecting your life emotionally? Your relationships?
  • What is the source of your current physical manifestation?
  • Where does pain in the body begin and how to unravel distorted and confused muscle fibers leading to stress and oftentimes dramatic physical stories?
  • How can the light of the Divine flow freely through the Central Nervous System and inform you, connect you?

What can you Discover on this Journey to Embodiment?

  • Learn your specific anatomical map that has led to confusion and distortion of the muscle fibers creating confusion, distortion and lack of flexibility and pain
  • Awareness of your pelvic floor musculature that has been raveling muscle over bone and keeping you “imprisoned” in structure
  • Co-Create with me and learn specific stretches to consistently unravel your personal anatomical story to take responsibility for your well-being
  • Honor the places that are numb and have intelligently learned to hide
  • Awaken your pelvic floor to create space for energetic healing
  • Live in an awakened base
  • Free your anatomy and learn tools to become pain free
  • Connect to the light of your divinity
  • Belong in your physical and energetic home as your sacred vessel
  • Embody your innate curiosity and creativity
  • Become the full manifestation of the love you are
  • Discover your next adventures in life

Call Ginny at 216-534-7571 to discuss your specific concerns. 

The work I do with sacred bodies, structurally, emotionally and spiritually” is as a guide into the nervous system. As a facilitator, a practitioner of transparent communication, I host the places in the layers of cellular awakening, ready to reveal the decisions long ago made. As the distortions in structure relax with gentle loving support, as trauma in the pelvic floor emerges, I am in service to the nervous system of the being I am honored to align with. The mystery of this human form as a vehicle to live divinity is what I am here to support others with.