We offer these holistic resources for you to obtain true, energetic balance in your life.



Muscle pain can impact your daily living and your mental health. We invite you to experience massages from specialists who unlock the tension to restore balance in your body. 

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A widely-used and centuries-old Chinese healing practice, acupuncture allows you to rebalance energy - via meridians - throughout your entire body. 

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Structural ReAlignment Expert

Our expert healer Ginny Nadler uses her Structural ReAlignment Integration to move your body in ways you have never experienced. With this groundbreaking approach, you will re-learn how to engage your body to remove blocked pain.

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Holistic Physician/Chiropractor

For everyday pain, use of our renowned holistic expert will put you on the path to healing. Dr. Mike uses Applied Kinesiology and identifies your nutritional needs to eradicate pain once and for all. 

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Holistic Health Coach

With the knowledge, support, and care that Sara Green provides as your personal Health Coach, you will see and feel remarkably transformed. An expert nutritionist, her Anti-inflammatory Diet Coaching erases pain from the inside out.