Optimal Wellness Center supports men's health.

The pressures we face each day can be overwhelming. Our goal is to help you with any and all stresses, physical and mental, that are holding you back. We invite you to personally experience optimum health in every area of your life with us. 


Holistic Physician/Chiropractor

Let Dr. Keith help you achieve the highest level of health physically, mentally and emotionally. With the experience and passion to helping each and every patient, he will personally lead you through total transformation and guide you every step of the way so you can live your healthiest life.


Holistic Physician/Chiropractor

Dr. Mike is dedicated to developing a personalized lifestyle plan that encompasses your complete health. With a nutritional plan developed just for you along with herbal support, you will be on the road to healthy living. 

heart sound recorder test

Heart Sound Recorder Test

The heart is the key to a healthy, active body. Our state of the art Heart Sound Recorder Test will accurately identify imbalances and can detect early warning signs. Using this tool we can find nutritional needs that are lacking in your diet, resulting in an extensive plan of action.


brain span assessment

BrainSpan Assessment

The ultimate director in our bodies, the brain is at the center of every movement and thought. Our BrainSpan Assessment is the key to unlocking the brain-body connection. With mental and physical health going hand in hand, we can identify ways to improve your nervous system health.