The mind plays a powerful role on how you feel physically and emotionally.

The core of The Practice, we focus on your mental health as a continual tool of catalytic transformation and maintenance.


flotation tank

Flotation Tank

Clear your mind from all distractions in our state of the art Flotation Tank. Completely free from outside stimuli, time spent in a Flotation Tank has seen proven results in lowering blood pressure, decreasing anxiety, and providing a deep sense of peace with total relaxation. 

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Clinical Counselor

Find a safe space to share your life on the path to mental healing with Carla Washburn. A Professional Clinical Counselor, Carla believes the answers we seek lie within us, and she is dedicated to helping each individual uncover what answer is best for them and enables you to become your own self-healer. 

mental health

Holistic Physician

With a gentle healing hand, Dr. Sam personally guides you as you work together to uncover what is holding you back from living your healthiest life, and helps you to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally.

brainspan assessment

BrainSpan Assessment

By measuring the omega-3 and omega-6 levels in your body, Our BrainSpan Assessment can accurately determine if you are at risk for dementia, stroke or a host of other issues, and we can create an early intervention program designed specifically for you.  

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Holistic Health Coach

We all strive to achieve the ultimate work/life balance and now it is possible. With renowned life coach, Sara Green, you will have your very own cheerleader, health coach and expert nutritionist to get you on track and keep you there each and every day.