Please Welcome Our New Health Coach, Sara Green!


Sara Green

Health Coach at Optimal Wellness Center

As a Health Coach, Sara empowers and supports her clients to return to their true essence, to find balance and peace in their busy lives.  

She provides a nurturing, safe and confidential space where people feel comfortable to share their health concerns.

Her sustainable diet and lifestyle recommendations plus the accountability of her Health Coaching Programs ensure her clients success.  

Sara utilizes an integrative and personal approach. In conjunction with clean eating, optimal wellness and happiness are supported by many forms of nutrition such as healthy relationships, a satisfying daily purpose, regular exercise and a spiritual practice. 

She is passionate about authentically caring for her clients. She listens without judgment. She meets you where you are at.

Sara is available for complimentary 15 minute introductory sessions for patients to discuss diet and lifestyle concerns.

Please contact the wellness center if you would like to schedule an appointment at 216-521-2225