Thermography: The First Step Toward a Lifetime of Breast Health


Whether you are too young for a conclusive mammogram or you're already receiving regular exams, detecting breast irregularities as early as possible is crucial for preventing disease and protecting your long-term health. 

With the use of medical thermography, discovering and treating the first signs of breast cancer becomes possible far before a mass may be detected by a mammogram. 

Debbie Radvar, Optimal Wellness Center's Certified Clinical Thermographer, explains "If you have a tumor, years before it becomes a structural form in your breast, it will bring in a blood supply to fuel it, and that's what shows up on the test. When we see a bilateral difference in heat signature, we're seeing redness that may not show up on a mammogram until eight years later."

Rather than a diagnostic test, thermography is another tool like a mammogram or an ultrasound that helps detect abnormalities.

However, thermographic imaging is noninvasive, with no pain, compression, or harmful radiation.

Starting young and making thermography a yearly addition to your breast health routine quickly locates irregular patterns before they become advanced issues.

Debbie Radvar, LMT, CST, CCT

"Using heat patterns to discover inflammation, thermography is a crucial first step for preventing disease," Debbie tells us. "There's not really a lot of preventive care for women, but thermography is more empowering and allows you to stay ahead of your health."

Debbie recommends an initial appointment to determine your heat signature baseline, and to come first thing in the morning in order to avoid exercise, caffeine, hot showers, or anything else that might raise your body temperature before your session.

Thermography is an FDA approved tool for tracking progress through treatment and gaining the peace of mind that comes from regular, risk-free testing.

By identifying changes over time, you can know the full story behind any afflictions that arise, and rest easy knowing you're already a step ahead.