Proactive Solutions for Breast Health

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Regardless of your age, gender, or genetics, building up your body's defenses can be vital for your long-term strength and disease prevention.

Optimal Wellness Center's Holistic Practitioner Debbie Radvar recommends the following in-store resources to maintain optimum breast health.


Vitamin D3

Studies show that vitamin D deficiencies are common in cancer patients, increasing the risk and potential development of cancerous cells.

With exposure to direct sunlight and sufficient vitamin D3 supplements, you can boost vitamin levels to help control cell growth and mitigate cancer progression and metastasis.



Just as with Vitamin D, sufficient levels of iodine may help to promote and maintain the development of healthy breast tissue.

Studies show that iodine can help protect women from FBC (fibrocystic breast condition), and can even obstruct and attack breast cancer cells.

Debbie tells us, "Both vitamin D3 and iodine are known to correlate with higher rates of cancer. As cancer tends to develop in more deficient people, obtaining sufficient levels helps.

Standard Process' Detox Balance™

With Standard Process' Detox Balance and Purification Program, you can help eliminate existing toxins and support the entire body's detoxification process.

After a consultation with the experts at OWC, a customized plan is developed to meet your specific needs and help balance your meals, hydration, and exercise for long-term health.

Debbie Radvar, LMT, CST, CCT

In addition to these supplements, Debbie recommends utilizing rejuvenating services like Lympthatic Drainage, Craniosacral Therapy, and the Far Infrared Sauna for improved immune health and detoxification. 

Debbie tells us, "Working in the OWC group, we have so many modalities available there to help, and recommendations are provided on a case-by-case basis for our patients."

Stop in Optimal Wellness Center today to strengthen your body’s natural defenses.