Recharge This Holiday Season with Sustainable Self-Care

During the holidays more than ever, we spend endless time nurturing the needs of others and often jeopardize our own health just as we need it most. Sound familiar?

Sara Green, Optimal Wellness Center's Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, tells us, "Often the things that nourish us the most, like our self-care rituals, become optional and neglected as the busyness takes priority, and our stress builds. We fall prey to self-imposed expectations to 'do it all,' but without a self-care practice, we become depleted."

Our commitment to looking after ourselves fuels the care we can extend to others, and when it's abandoned, our mood, energy, motivation, relationships, and the quality of our thoughts all suffer.

Prioritizing rest, exercise, healthy eating, drinking water, daily gratitude, and other mindful practices all contribute to your self-care routine.

"If you struggle with feelings of guilt when you choose time for yourself, try to shift your perspective to one of self love. Healthy living is a lifestyle, not a phase. Add self-care to your schedule like you would a meeting or an appointment, and be protective of that time. Even the smallest ritual can make a difference in how you feel."

At Optimal Wellness Center, we provide many healing services to help you de-stress, boost your mood, and cultivate your self-care practice.

"If you are new to self-care, sit in the sauna for thirty minutes and notice how your mind and body feel relaxed and rejuvenated."

Take advantage of increased energy, empowerment, balance, and a greater connection to yourself and others with a self-care practice that celebrates the true meaning of the holidays.

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