Cataplex D: Your Winter Sunlight Supplement

Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder with Cataplex D.


Dr. Jordan recommends Cataplex D for everyone to prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) symptoms from lack of sunlight through the winter months.

We manufacture vitamin D from the sunlight absorbed through our skin. Cataplex D, which contains vitamin D complex, is an easy way to prevent seasonal affective disorder symptoms such as anxiety, loss of energy and loss of interest in activity.

To fully understand the function and use of Cataplex D it is necessary to understand the role of Vitamins D and F with regard to each other and also to calcium absorption in the body.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun create Vitamin D from skin oil. Vitamin F is what is known as polyunsaturated fatty acids. Vitamins D and F are antagonists. If you have too much Vitamin D, it is actually from a deficiency of Vitamin F.

Vitamin D picks up calcium from the gut and deposits it into the blood. Vitamin F picks up the calcium from the blood and places it into the tissues.

A lack of Vitamin F (polyunsaturated fatty acids) means that the calcium in the blood stays in the blood without reaching the tissues and that calcium already in the tissues is transported back to the blood.

Without enough exposure to the sun's rays the body has no way to manufacture enough vitamin D complex.

Cataplex D boosts the amount of vitamin D complex in the body, aids in the absorption of calcium lactate by creating balance between vitamins D and F, and helps prevent the onset of seasonal affective disorder symptoms.

During the winter months Dr. Jordan recommends everyone to take 2 Cataplex D tablets per day and women over 40 are recommended to increase their Cataplex D to 4 per day.

Contains: Chlorophyll ComplexTM, Cataplex F, Calcium Lactate*

* Information taken from the Standard Process Clinical Reference Guide, July 2006. Original article by John Courtney. Information also taken from