Immunigize is a proprietary blend of three natural herbs created to boost the immune system and prevent illness.

Immunigize is especially useful for sinus and respiratory system support. Adapt to stress, burn fat, increase energy, maintain balance and boost immune function with Immunigize.

Immunigize contains:
Radiance Maca:
Radiance Maca is the cornerstone to health and wellness. Mental, physical and spiritual balance are key to preventing disease and suffering. Radiance Maca enhances all three. Physically, Maca increases energy. It is also an excellent adaptagen, as it helps to balance the body's systems under physical and emotional stress which, in turn, has an appositive effect on hormonal balance, blood sugar fluctuations, libido and mental clarity. The balancing effect of Maca helps one to recover from both short and long term stress. If one is adapting better, one is prone to be more in harmony with the environment, and eventually with one's self. Maca is also an effective anti-oxidant.*

Purity Cat's Claw:
Originally used as a sacred medicinal remedy in the Amazon River basin, Cat's Claw is an effective detoxifier, and re-establishes proper flora balance in the intestines. It has been used in diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating and bowel syndromes as it has a gentle cleansing effect. Its anti-inflammatory properties have been used for generations to treat a variety of imbalances. Cat's Claw has been shown to be effective in the treatment of arthritis and is also well known as a free radical scavenging anti-oxidant, widely recognized for its ability to ease the effects of aging and environmental stressors on the body. Cat's Claw creates balance through detoxification and normalization.*

The dried root of the Echinacea, or purple coneflower, plant boosts immune function through its ability to combat viruses and bacteria. Used at the onset of symptoms, Echinacea may reduce the severity or length of an illness, and, if taken regularly, it may increase the body's resistance to illness. Used indigenously throughout North America for centuries, it was the most widely used herbal remedy of the American Plains Indians.

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