MediHerb Throat Spray


Often the change of seasons brings colds and sore throats. Fortunately, we have just the thing to help prevent and ease sore throat discomfort.

Herbal Throat Spray combines Marshmallow Root, Echinacea root, Sage herb, Calendula flower, Myrrh resin and essential oil of Clove Bud in a convenient spray pump to support a healthy throat.

By spraying and swallowing the herbal formulation, the effect on your body is achieved topically (as it comes into contact with your throat tissue) and systemically (as it is swallowed and metabolized).

The mouth is a natural habitat for a large population of microorganisms, mainly bacteria. Although these flora remain relatively constant they are influenced by saliva and diet.

Modern clinical studies confirm the traditional use of Myrrh resin, Sage leaf, Clove Bud, and Echinacea to create fresh breath and to create and maintain oral health.

Calendula, Myrrh, Sage and Echinacea have been shown to support lymphatic tissue health and the immune function of the throat.

The formula works by stimulating saliva production to soothe the throat and the mucilaginous quality of the spray adds a protective layer to ease discomfort.

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+ Taken from MediHerb Herbal Throat Spray (M4465) pdf on

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