Optimal Wellness Chlorella: A Pilot Study

Researchers in Gainesville, Florida performed a pilot study to look at the safety of Optimal Wellness Chlorella supplementation.

healthy bowel movements diabetes reduction hemoglobin

The researchers studied biomarkers in the blood of patients as an indication of possible improvement in their metabolic conditions from taking Optimal Wellness Chlorella.

Their findings include:

Optimal Wellness Chlorella met all standards for safety. There are absolutely no safety concerns in supplementing Optimal Wellness Chlorella.

Patients in the study showed consistent and dramatic improvement in bowel function. The researchers recommended a larger study with irritable bowel patients.

The study showed a consistent drop in the subjects C-reactive protein (CRP) levels. CRP is a measure of total body inflammation and is an early indicator of cardiovascular disease. Further research is warranted to understand the connection between CRP and Optimal Wellness Chlorella supplementation, but this was an unexpected and exciting finding.

Of the subjects tested 50% had a significant reduction in hemoglobin A1C levels. Although the study was small there is clearly evidence that supplementing Optimal Wellness Chlorella can be beneficial for patients with diabetes.

20% of the subjects lost a significant amount of weight without any directed effort. There were no dietary or lifestyle modifications in the eight week period for these subjects, and they attributed the weight loss to the chlorella because they had not done anything differently.

Optimal Wellness Chlorella is a whole-food supplement that has a patented process for breaking the tough outer cell wall. This study brings validity and understanding to what our doctors and clients have told us for years.

Optimal Wellness Center is committed to providing this high quality food supplement to consumers and retailers while continuing to study the clinical effects of Chlorella.