Optimal Wellness Fish Oil - The Purist Fish Oil Available

Optimal Wellness Omega 3 Fish Oil is the purest fish oil available.

fish oil cardiovascular protection, improved blood sugar levels, immune system support and anti-inflammatory properties

The health benefits of supplementation include cardiovascular protection, improved blood sugar levels, immune system support and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is important to understand that not all Fish Oils are created equal. Unfortunately, oils found in fish or commercial cod liver preparations are often contaminated with various toxic materials such as PCBs.

The only effective method for removing PCBs and other toxic materials from isolated fish oils is molecular distillation. Supplementation with any type of fish oil that is not molecularly distilled adds toxins to your body!

Optimal Wellness Omega 3 Fish Oil uses fish that are specially hand selected and molecularly distilled, to assure the highest pharmaceutical grade fish oil available anywhere.

Our raw material selection process is so rigorous that nearly 95% of all available fish are designated as unsuitable for processing. Time and oxygen will make even the best fish oil rancid.

To combat this problem we use an antioxidant blend that preserves the quality of our fish oil. The state of the art GMP approved manufacturing facility can be found on a beautiful fjord in Norway.

It is here that a team of highly trained professionals perfect the oil and then extensively test every batch of Optimal Wellness Omega 3 Fish Oil. The oil is tested to be free of harmful environmental contaminants such as mercury, lead, arsenic, pesticides, PCB's and dioxins. To further confirm the product purity, anisidine and peroxide values are tested.

These cutting edge tests predict possible rancid conditions that are the cause of taste and odor issues encountered with most fish oils.

We offer you the purest natural and molecularly distilled pharmaceutical grade fish oils available.

* Taken from the PureBalance Botanical Clinicians' Guide

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