Re-Awaken Sacred Spaces with Structural Realignment Integration

structural alignment release tension

You are invited to an in-depth workshop facilitated by Ginny Nadler, author of Spiritual Anatomy, Realigning Body and Soul.

Held on April 22 from 9am-4pm at the Insight Learning and wellness Center (25901 Emery Rd, Cleveland, OH), this modality focuses on Sacred Geometry and realigns the body's structure anatomically. It awakens and connects to the deeper layers hiding the emotional stories embedded in the cellular memory, and resets the nervous system to receive a new energetic alignment.

This introduction will take you deep into the pelvic floor, and is what Ginny refers to as, "the
embryology of consciousness."

Some of your takeaways:

  • Understand your pelvic floor anatomy as it connects to every muscle fiber in your body.
  • Awaken the pelvic floor with specific stretches, finding the source of pain (hips, back, neck, knees and more).
  • Release this tension and stress held within the body's structural patterns.
  • Reveal where fear, anger, shame, guilt and trauma are stored.
  • Find your true "core" with your spatial senses emerging.
  • Garner tools to support your awakening, and incorporate into your own practice and healing modality.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience physical embodiment as an opportunity to become who you are meant to be!

Sunday, April 22, 2018 from 9am - 4pm

Insight Learning & Wellness Center, LLC
25901 Emery Rd. Ste 112, Warrensville Hts., OH 44128
Investment: $125 (register by April 15th); $145 until April 20th

For more information or to register by phone, 216-765-4470 or email

The Insight Learning and Wellness Center is located at 25901 Emery Rd, Cleveland, OH.