Beat Seasonal Allergies with Solutions From Our Store


Allergy season is in full swing, and while we may suffer from various triggers, there's one thing we all need: to overcome the source of our symptoms and enjoy the season ahead.

At Optimal Wellness Center, we target the root of your allergy symptoms rather than masking them, providing long-term relief as well as balanced overall health.

To prevent your hay fever from wreaking havoc, be sure to utilize our natural remedy products for direct allergy relief.

Sinus Forte

Sinus Forte contains Eyebright, Golden Seal, Golden Rod, Cayenne, and Echinacea purpurea root. These powerful herbs cultivate healthy mucous membranes and breathing passages to ensure the body responds appropriately to environmental irritants. 

Dr. Sam Bahan, D.C. weighs in on the benefits of sinus forte: 

"Eyebrite is excellent for mucus membranes. When patients have sinus issues, their membranes are often severely inflamed, and Sinus Forte helps get rid of excess mucus and metabolites that might be blocking their portals."


Antronex from Standard Process is made from yakriton, a Bovine Liver Fat extract that detoxifies the blood. This natural antihistamine not only regulates histamine levels, but aids in their filtration out of the body.

Dr. Sam explains:

"The issue goes back to an imbalance in the gut, and liver congestion. I recommend Antronex to most of my patients with allergy problems, and issues dissipate pretty quickly. Yakriton is the blood-filtering fraction of the liver, so you're feeding your body pieces of liver to remind it how to filter out histamines."

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is said to have a wealth of benefits, knocking out many over-the-counter treatments in lieu of a more natural method. By detoxifying and building the body's defenses, you can help diminish stifling allergy symptoms before they arise with an upgraded immune system. 

Recommended doses range from one quick teaspoon to a few tablespoons diluted in water or tea. Be sure to use unfiltered, unrefined, and unpasteurized vinegar with "The Mother," a nutrient-rich material packed with benefits. Combine ACV with lemon and local raw honey to further strengthen the immune system against common irritants.

Finally, feel lasting relief from seasonal allergies by stopping into Optimal Wellness Center for a treatment that's right for you!

Don’t forget to grab essential oils! I always carry a few with me for allergy relief, such as peppermint and eucalyptus.
— Dr. Sam Bahan, D.C.