The Protein You Need To Stay Active This Season


Proteins are an essential part of a functioning diet, and summer's active schedule makes them a crucial factor for maintaining health during the busy season.

The more active your lifestyle, the more energy and nutrients your body needs to keep up. Protein works to repair and rebuild muscle tissue, and with sufficient carbohydrates and fat for energy, protein can help us recover and avoid injury.

Dr. Sam Bahan, D.C. explains the true importance of protein for the body:


Not consuming enough protein means a state of fight or flight will force the system to break down protein in the body.

Dr. Sam Bahan, D.C.

"Protein is behind all our major bodily functions and is essential for every muscle, organ, and tissue function. Protein is the base of our hair, skin, digestive enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, and antibodies, which fight off any infectious processes in our systems. In other words, we NEED protein in our diet daily!"

Just as protein is the building block for muscle tissue, amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Nine of the twenty essential amino acids we need can only be obtained through diet, and they each complete different functions in the body. While we may get amino acids from many different sources, they don't all serve the same purpose. 

OWC Health and Wellness Coach Sara Green tells us that while everyone needs protein, "daily requirements are dependent on your age, weight, activity level, gender and existing health conditions." 

Too much or too little protein at one time can be detrimental to normal bodily functions. Dr. Sam adds, "When a patient is not eating enough protein, their body becomes in a state of fight or flight and starts breaking down protein in the body, breaking down skeletal muscle stores in an effort to keep you alive and to perform vital bodily functions."

The Optimal Wellness Center provides various options for patients to ensure their individual needs are met. Stop in today to secure the protein sources that are right for you!

Protein is behind all our major bodily functions and is essential for every muscle, organ, and tissue function.
— Dr. Sam Bahan, D.C.

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