Cleanse the Body of Toxins with Lymphatic Drainage


Support the body's natural detoxification processes with lymphatic drainage.

Summer can be an incredibly active time of year, but if you're holding onto destructive toxins, it can feel impossible for your energy levels to keep up with your busy schedule.

You may find yourself struggling with lethargic symptoms like brain fog, constipation, sluggish bowels, stubborn excess weight, and other side effects like cellulite, acne, dry skin, and rashes.


The lymphatic system is your immune system's first defense.


OWC's BCPP Bobbi Smedley explains the importance of a healthy and clear lymphatic system for an active lifestyle:

"The lymphatic system is your immune system's first defense, and is responsible for processing proteins, fats, excess fluids, and other toxins. If your immune system is behind, it's likely a sluggish lymphatic system making you feel ill or stressed."

MLD, or manual lymphatic drainage, is a gentle touch that aids in the removal of toxins and consequential stress to promote a more active lifestyle. The process works by stimulating the lymphatic system to move toxins through the body for an overall cleanse at a healthier pace, rejuvenating tissues and enhancing the immune response. 

To know what to expect, Bobbi tells us that "Lymphatic drainage is nothing like a typical massage. There are no oils used, just a very light rhythmic touch directly on the skin that leaves most recipients feeling relaxed and lighter."

If you're pre- or post-surgery, experiencing soreness or pain, or if you've been prescribed medication, lymphatic drainage also helps to reduce inflammation and move medication through the system for a quicker detox

If you have any preexisting conditions, such as heart disease or emphysema, or if you are pregnant or under the age of 18, check with your doctor to make sure lymphatic drainage is right for you. 

Engage in the health of your lymphatic system and reclaim your summer by contacting Optimal Wellness Center for your first session today!

Lymphatic drainage is not a one-time thing. The body is always detoxing, and we want to perpetuate this ongoing process to keep the body expelling free radicals and anything else that disrupts the natural processes.
— Bobbi Smedley, BCPP