Based on Swedish massage and combined with other more localized types of massage, sports massage (also known as Deep Tissue Massage) is not only for the athlete but also for anyone who is physically active and/or who has physical issues that act similar to sports injuries. 

Sports massage addresses three areas of attention: pre/post event treatment, rehabilitation of acute/chronic injuries or areas, and maintenance massage. Pre-event massage focuses on areas to be used and muscles which may cause difficulty or sustain stress. It is a preventive treatment. Post-event massage deals with trouble areas, injuries, sprains, strains, etc. from the event.

Rehabilitation is long-term massage care to relieve chronic pain and spasm from over-use and injury. Maintenance massage is a general use of many massage techniques to keep the body flexible, strong and healthy. It also focuses on areas generally stressed by the favored activity, areas mostly likely to sustain injury or tension.

With Sports Massage, one can expect rejuvenation of the body and healing of acute and chronic injuries. The goal is increased flexibility, mobility, agility and strength.