The modality Structural ReAlignment Integration® focuses on the floor of the pelvis, this most sacred area of the body where often in utero and certainly when we take our very first steps as a baby our structural misalignment begins to manifest.

The confusion and distortion of thousands and thousands of muscle fiber cells emerging in this very small area begins to create a mini tsunami when the muscle fibers start to twist and ravel over and around each other ultimately pulling the bones out of alignment leading to stress, pain, and the inability to stand on two legs.

As we live longer in this misalignment and begin to exercise, run, do yoga, dance and move in all the myriad ways we do, we exacerbate our physical stories even more and often find ourselves in pain.

SRI calls you to create awareness of the pelvic floor as she guides you to feel how the musculature on the thighs, hips, and low back and feet connect deeply with raveled fibers in the base of the pelvis which is a most sacred space in our embryological development. If you are experiencing pain and or challenges with hips, back, neck, knees and more, the guidance into your anatomical map for your specific misalignment patterns will be invaluable. With guidance for the lay person and specific stretches to guide you to the exact source of your specific muscular confusion, these informative hours together will provide you your entry point to release the hold your muscles have on your bones and reverse painful stuck areas.

Sessions are two hours; a series of 6-12 sessions is recommended to allow the nervous system and neurology to integrate new movement patterns.

Structural ReAlignment Integration® is facilitated by Ginny Nadler.