At Optimal Wellness Center, our entire staff is committed to your complete health.

The primary life and catalytic tool for expansion into a higher levels of consciousness, we place The Practice as the key to experiencing life changing results that encompass the mind and body in a way you have never experienced. 

We are grateful to serve clients with a wide variety of needs, and use The Practice to guide them on their journey to personal freedom.

the practice

We invite you to begin The Practice and are proud to say it is effective with countless symptoms such as:  

  • Smoking

  • Asthma

  • Allergies

  • Sinus Congestion

  • Acne / Oily Complexion

  • Dry Skin

The solutions are created for each individual, and we have seen remarkable results with:

aroma therapy steam room.jpg

Aromatherapy Steam Room

Find relief in an incredible steam filled with essential oils that detoxify and moisturize your skin. 

21 Day Purification Program.jpg

21 Day Purification Program

Experience true cleansing with our easy to follow program. Look and feel refreshed and renewed in less than a month.