Detect Early Abnormalities and Cancers with Medical Thermography.

Today’s modern day medical field boasts ultrasounds and mammograms, but constant radiation exposure comes with its own risks.

By measuring heat emitted in different areas of the body, thermography is a safe and effective way to identify potential threats, and thermography can be more effective than mammograms.

Debbie Radvar, Optimal Wellness Center's Certified Clinical Thermographer, explains "If you have a tumor, years before it becomes a structural form in your breast, it will bring in a blood supply to fuel it, and that's what shows up on the test. When we see a bilateral difference in heat signature, we're seeing redness that may not show up on a mammogram until eight years later."

Thermographic imaging is non-invasive, and you will not feel any pain or discomfort. It is also free from radiation, making it a safer and more effective way to identify internal issues throughout your body.

We advise beginning your thermography sessions at a younger age. This will make identifying even slight abnormalities much easier and help you to become proactive in your health instead of waiting for a tumor or major issue to form.



This is an FDA approved procedure that is also used to help with inflammation, chronic pain, nerve damage, vascular and circulatory issues.

Risk-free and found to be an effective treatment, take control of your health. Don't wait for symptoms to manifest or a disease to be diagnosed. Discover if you have inflammation BEFORE it becomes a problem!

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